Refugee Interest Waning

I have noticed that there is a waning of the interest in sponsoring refugees in the general public.  There is a core group, maybe somewhat larger than before the Syrian crisis, that is still working away at sponsoring immigrants.  And some of the families that have arrived have tried to sponsor relatives.  One of the indications of this lack of interest is the disolution of the group “Canada 4 Refugees”.  This group was formed to try to help sponsors and refugees.  They did put some pressure on the government but they weren’t as successful as they wanted.  The link to their parting article is 

Several of us are carrying on with sponsorships but keep running into the stone walls of immigration.  So we sit and wait and pray that the process will allow the families to be united here in Canada.  Having said this, I have been contacted twice in the last three days about refugee sponsorship issues so there is still interest.  We’ll keep working and hopefully there is a trip to the airport coming up.

Don Statham, Web worker (I think they usually use the term master but I don’t feel I’m a master over this machine)