Owen Sound Alliance Church

The family has been here almost a year and a half.  They have done very well and have developed close friendships with many of the sponsoring group.  The father has been working at a number of jobs and there is a prospect that he may realize his dream of becoming a trucker.  The Alliance Church has applied to sponsor two of the grandmother’s daughters and their families who are in a refugee camp in Eritrea

The Owen Sound Alliance Church group is comprised of about 16 volunteers and has sponsored a Sudanese/Eritrian family that arrived in August of 2015. The family has adjusted well and are studying full time ESL. Their children are in the public school system.

They are a family of four; a young widower with a six year old and a four year old and his mother. The family is Eritrean but lived in Sudan for many years as refugees. They live in a three bedroom apartment in Owen Sound that is within walking distance of many amenities and close to the bus line. They speak Tigrinya.

This sponsoring group has made a very distinct division of labour and has found that method to be most effective in accomplishing tasks.