Lutheran Church of Our Saviour

The family has been here about 2 months and is doing fairly well.  They are recovering from a round of colds.  The 20 month old boy spent a couple of days in hospital with pneumonia but bounced back with the good care of the hospital folks.  The oldest girls are in school and seem to be adapting well.  The youngest two boys are in daycare.  It took a couple of months for them to get used to the routine of daycare and realize that the parents will eventually come and get them again and just enjoy the activities.

The parents are going to ESL and are picking up English.  I can now call them on the phone and usually make myself understood.

They are participating in several activities, they got their picture in the paper when we went tobogganing at Harrison Park, they tried skating and swimming at the Y.

Our family of six is doing well.  We have a week day routine of walking two of the children to school, dropping two to daycare, then to ESL.  They went to the Festival in the Park the other day, we stayed about 2 hours but they were getting cold and had done most activities.